San Francisco

The first week of February, I was in Paris. It was probably the least exciting trip to Paris I’ve had thus far, so I’m going to skip right over it and get to the next trip, which started about 3hrs after the Paris trip ended: San Francisco.

My friend Michelle and I went to visit out friend Mara, who is currently living in Oakland to get her masters. We went for 4 days, and here’s a brief summary of what went on:


We had booked tickets for the first boat over to Alcatraz, but it was cancelled because the weather was freakishly cold and windy. So instead, we walked around Pier 39. Went to Krispy Kreme, In-n-Out, and Boudin (yes, all in a row). Mara left for class in the afternoon and Michelle and I walked to Ghirardelli Square and Lombard St (the most crooked street in the world). Walked through Chinatown, where we spent lots of time popping in and out of shops. Went to City Lights Bookstore. Sat and relaxed in a cafe. Met up with Mara and went back to her place. Went to Trader Joes, which has such an unexpected vibe. It’s hipster? Watched the movie Kate & Léopold then went to bed.


Went for a hike in a Redwood forest (3.2 miles / 8.3 kilometres). Walked up and down 400ft. Went back to Mara’s apartment, had a snack then Michelle and I took an Uber to Twin Peaks. Chilled at the top for a while, then walked to the Painted Ladies. Got Ben and Jerry’s on the way (cinnDOUGHrella is a great flavour). Sat in Alamo Square for a while, dozed a bit. Got dinner at Woodhouse Fish Co (cup of clam chowder and crab cakes). Stopped in a few cute shops, walked to Union square and went home.


Rebooked our tickets and finally went to Alcatraz. Had great weather (I was in a tshirt). Walked to Boudin for lunch (crab grilled cheese on San Francisco sourdough). Went to the Golden Gate Bridge. Went to Lands End and walked around a bit. Wandered down to the beach, which we walked along for a bit. Saw dying jellyfish 😣 went to Safeway then got a taxi back to Mara’s. Made nachos for dinner and went to bed shortly after.

On Wednesday we didn’t really have any time to do anything before we had to head to the airport to get our flight back to Toronto. It was a really fun trip! Although the more I think about it, the more I think I would hate living in such a hilly city. Simple things like going for a walk become a serious work out. I wouldn’t even consider owning a bike there.

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