As per usual, I was back in Paris for a work trip. The first day of the trip was my birthday, so I got a couple of desserts throughout the week with a candle in it to celebrate. On Tuesday, almost the entire team went out for dinner together to celebrate, which was nice of them (and no small feat, considering there’s over 15 people).

One evening, a handful of us went over to my manager’s house for dinner and sang karaoke for 4hrs. Bit of a strange evening, but a lot of fun. It was weird being in my manager’s house.

One of the more interesting meals I had was on Saturday. It was a Chinese restaurant called what roughly translates to ‘fish in barrel’. You get a wooden barrel/bucket (a fancy one) that has hot rocks in the bottom. Then the raw fish is added and topped with a broth. The heat from the stones cooks the fish! Very cool, until I realized the heating element in the table had also been turned on so maybe not as impressive as it could be. It was a little spicy (for me in particular), so they ordered me a bao bun (sans filling) and a soybean drink.

On Saturday, we met up with one of Chloe’s friends and went shopping. Well, Chloe went shopping and Jian and I followed her around. I didn’t mind really; it was a nice day out and we were walking around an area of Paris we hadn’t been to before. There were a couple stores I was interested in. We went to this store called Merci that seemed like a department store in that it had clothes, furniture, kitchen stuff, linens, etc. But it was all absurdly expensive. I couldn’t believe how many people were in this store because surely they all couldn’t afford it. But I liked looking around the home decor and kitchen sections.

We also walked by this store called muskhane which is now one of Chloe and I’s favourite stores. It does felted home decor. I got some cute little mushrooms. We want to go back next time we’re in Paris because there’s more stuff we want to get. They have some really cute Christmas tree decorations I want to get.

My next trip to Paris is up in the air. The company is making a serious effort to reduce travel, so I’m not sure when I’ll be back. The Paris team wants us back in December, but they need to get several levels of approval before that can happen.

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