52 Places

Not any new content here, I just wanted a list of all the new places I went in 2018 in one spot. And some stats, because I’m nerdy like that.

2018’s New Year’s Resolution: go to a new place each week of the year.
Status: Successful.

  1. Pita Land
  2. Portland, Oregon
  3. Lake of Bays, Ontario
  4. Com Tam Vietnamese Cuisine
  5. Sunflower Alley
  6. Coldstream Fine Art
  7. Studio on Richmond
  8. Ultraviolet Pole Fitness
  9. Massey Hall
  10. Luckee
  11. McDonald’s
  12. Gladstone Hotel
  13. Aroma
  14. The Rec Room
  15. Breather
  16. The Antler Room
  17. Buffalo, New York
  18. New York City, New York
  19. VIP Theatre 3
  20. Harbour Square Park West
  21. 401 Richmond
  22. Citytv
  23. #pshawcottage
  24. Elora Gorge Conservation Area
  25. Pablo
  26. Paris En Scene
  27. The Burlington Office
  28. Elephant & Castle
  29. La Javelle
  30. Manitoulin Island
  31. Tobermory
  32. The Toronto Islands
  33. Bayfield Shipwreck
  34. Richmond Station
  35. SCF Eatery Balcony
  36. Cheese Magic
  37. Budweiser Stage
  38. Harbourfront Centre Craft & Design Studio
  39. Louis Vuitton Time Capsule
  40. Dim Sum King
  41. Hillsong Church Toronto
  42. Fondue ChongQing
  43. Catacombs of Paris
  44. State & Main
  45. Tilt Arcade Bar
  46. 7 Baker
  47. Bannock
  48. The Rock Oasis
  49. Brugge, Belgium
  50. Au Pied De Cochon
  51. AirBnB on Queen
  52. Riverside United Church

Locations in Toronto: 33
Locations in Europe: 5
Locations in the United States: 3
Restaurants: 16

Some things I learned:

  • I go to more new places than I think. There were only a handful of times that I had to intentionally think about going to a new place
  • I eat out more than I think
  • There often isn’t a rush. If you walk by a place that looks interesting, take the time to peek around

For those who are wondering, this year’s 52 is documentaries. However, I will not be blogging about every documentary I watch, because I’m not into reviewing films. But I’ll still find other stuff to blog about. Most likely my travels, which given the deadline just imposed upon my team at work, seems like it will probably happen even more often than it was before.

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