Heather’s Gift Wrapping FAQ

The most magical time of the year is once again upon us and that means there are gifts to be wrapped! And the rumours are true: I’m willing to take that burden off your snow-dusted shoulders. Bless your family and friends with perfectly cornered and bobble adorned presents this holiday season, courtesy of yours truly.

Have some questions about how this goes down? Keep reading, my friend, and watch as all of your prayers are answered, right here, in these very FAQs.

Q: Hold on, what happened to the FAQs from last year? Aren’t the answers going to be the same?

A: I’m glad you asked! Yea, the answers from last year still hold true, but I believe, as a micro business owner, that I should strive to constantly better myself. So I’m giving you some new and improved FAQs. (But you can still read last year’s FAQs here).

Q: Oh, so this is a business now?

A: It sure is! Not enough to have its own instagram account or anything, but Heather’s Gift Wrapping Services is now open for business.

Q: So I have to pay this year? That sucks.

A: The economy this year, what can I say? Just kidding. I’m fairly flexible in terms of payment. Money, donuts (sour cream glazed is still my favourite), hot chocolate, a hug. Something to show you appreciate the work I do and to help me offset the cost of wrapping materials.

Q: Is there a theme to the wrapping this year?

A: I like solid colour and simple patterned wrapping paper. The colour theme is red, black, and tan, with a little bit of shine. But the options are open. If you want something else, lemme know.

Q: My Christmas tree has a theme and I want the gifts under it to match. Can you do that?

A: Like I said above, I can be the answer to your prayers. Send me a picture of your tree and I’ll make the magic happen.

Q: The animal I got my spouse/partner/significant other/child/grandparent last Christmas is getting a friend this year! Will you wrap them?

A: No, I will not, and will never, wrap a live animal. Stop asking.

Q: Will you buy the presents too? As well as wrap them?

A: I’m a professional gift wrapper, not a personal shopper. Let’s stick the topic at hand.

Q: I’m getting everyone a $25 Starbucks gift card. Do you wrap those?

A: (Someone’s being a bit lazy!) Yea I will, and I’ll make up for the fact that your gift is a Starbucks gift card by making it the best wrapped gift card they’ve ever seen in their entire lives.

Q: Well, I can’t believe you’ve done it, but my prayers have been answered! How do I sign up?

A: I won’t say ‘I told you so’ 😉 Fill this out and we’ll get started: Heather, wrap my gifts!


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