Place #46: 7 Baker

Despite the fact that we had been out early the night before, we decided to go to the 9am church service. It ended up being the beginning of a really nice morning. We weren’t super tired and it wasn’t as cold as it had been previously in the week. The sun was also shining for the first time in a long time. We walked home from church to enjoy the pleasant weather and ended up stopping at a bakery on the way home.

Place #46: 7 Baker, 3 Wellesley St W, Toronto, ON M4Y 1E8

We were walking by and I noticed a window that said ‘Euro-Asian Bakery’. I was curious if they had Chinese tarts or something similar, so we decided to take a look. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I had been anticipating a more run down bakery that’s open because they have really good baking, not because they’re offering a great in-store experience. It was quite the opposite. The place was very clean and modern. They had trays near the front door for you to take with you as you perused the baking.

They had two sections, bread and desserts. The bread was, first of all, beautiful. They are all relatively small loaves. Some are twists, some are knots, and those that are a more standard shape are decorated on top with a dusting of flour in a pattern. The desserts were also beautiful, but that’s more to be expected I think. They were all individual sized servings with some interesting flavour combinations. I focused on the bread because it was so much more captivating to me. We each ended up buying a loaf of bread (I bought two).

The first one I got was called ‘Crab Salad’. The description said it had crab meat and vegetables in it. I wasn’t really sure how that was working. I thought it might all just be mixed in? Turns out it’s a stuffed loaf; there’s a pocket of crab salad along the bottom of the loaf. It’s like a self contained sandwich! And it was delicious. Just the bread itself was incredibly soft and fresh. And heavy, because of all the good stuff inside 🙂

My other loaf is a tea infused twist that (as of writing) I haven’t tried yet. I’m going to eat it for breakfast tomorrow I think. But I definitely want to make a habit of stopping at this bakery on the way home from church, because it was so good.

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