Place #41: Hillsong Church

I was sitting around on Thursday evening wondering what I should do with myself when I realized that I hadn’t yet been to a new place this week. I had noticed a couple weeks earlier that there was a new Asian grocery store on Yonge St, so I figured I’d go check it out. I didn’t end up getting anything because I was going to be leaving the city the next day for over a week, and wouldn’t have the time to eat it. It wasn’t until I was walking home from the store that I remembered that I had already been to not one, but two new places this week on Sunday. 

Place #41: Hillsong Toronto, 888 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W 2J2

Alison attended Hillsong while she was in Copenhagen so when she heard that there was a location opening up in Toronto, she wanted to go check it out. They had a soft launch a couple weeks ago, but this was the official first service. It was held at The Concert Hall, a relatively small venue just north of Yonge and Bloor. 

I was surprised by how similar everything was to C3, where I normally go. Very upbeat, lights flashing, jumping up and down, and a young congregation. It was immediately clear, however, that this was not a worship team that has just been created and was singing their first service. 

I learned from Justine that this church used to meet under the name Vantage Church, originally located quite close to where I currently live. It’s the same worship team, same pastor, same everything but now under the Hillsong name. 

The sermon was alright, although it was missing some structure. The pastor just seemed to be throwing points and bible verses around that related to the genera topic. And he kept making this weird sweeping gesture with his arm, which distracted me. 

I wouldn’t be against going back, and I think they deserve more than one Sunday service, but I think I’ll probably stick with C3 in the long run. 

Other new places:

  • Hermes Carre Cafe pop up, which Alison wanted to go to. It ended up being a little disappointing because the activities they had were either closed or had very long wait times. 
  • H Mart, the Asian grocery store. They also serve some hot food, so I’ll probably try that out at some point

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