Place #39: Louis Vuitton Time Capsule

It’s really easy to go to a new place when a new place suddenly pops up along your way to work. Louis Vuitton currently has a Time Capsule installation in front of Union Station for the month of September. I was kind of interested in going, and then Chloe suggested we go one afternoon while working from the office. She is definitely more invested in high end fashion than I am.

Place #39: Louis Vuitton Time Capsule, 65 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 1E6

Although it’s only here for a month, it’s a full on building with air conditioning and trim on the walls. It’s basically a mini museum, highlighting some of the work that the Louis Vuitton brand has done over the years. We had a guide, an employee who normally works at a Louis Vuitton store in Toronto. He was very informative. Had we not had the guide, we probably would have walked through in less than 10mins. But we were there for almost 30mins. At the end, they had this room where the walls were screens and a LV trunk in the middle that had different patterns being projected on it, so it looked like the trunk was changing styles. That was a cool installation.

At the end, everyone got a LV postcard that are all different. The pattern on the front is actually a sticker, which I love. Not that I have anywhere I want to be putting a LV sticker. It was a fun mini excursion from the office 🙂


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