Place #37: Budweiser Stage

Earlier in the summer, I had heard about a Pentatonix concert happening in Toronto. I was really interested in going. They were also having Echosmith and Calum Scott perform, myself being much more interested in the latter. However, none of my friends were particularly interested in going. On top of that, it was being held at Budweiser Stage, which for those of you who don’t know, is an open air stage. The seats I was looking at were not covered, and I hated the thought of it raining and having to sit in the rain for the duration of the concert. So I didn’t buy a ticket.

Flash forward to this past Thursday morning. My coworker asked if I knew who Pentatonix was. I told her that I did, I was a big fan of theirs. She tells me she’s going to their concert tonight. I instantly realize that this is the concert I had been hoping to go to earlier in the summer. Part of me thinks, ‘I still kind of wish I could go.’ And then I started to think about it. Going to a concert alone is not as big a deal as I once thought it was. And since it was the day of the concert, my other excuse, the weather, was invalid because I knew it going to be just fine for sitting outside and watching a concert.

I took a look to see if there were still tickets available. There were lots, and some in the price range I was willing to pay. I thought, why the heck not. I don’t have any other plans this weekend. So I bought myself a ticket. I paid an extra $10 to get an actual seat, and not just entrance to the lawn area at the back.

I left my apartment an hour and a half before the show was set to start. It would take me a while to get there on public transit, and I wanted to be on time, if not early. Good thing I left when I did, because the public transit system was not working at its peak (when does it ever) and it took me a subway and two buses over an hour to get there. When me and everyone else on the bus clearly also going to the concert finally arrived, it was to an extremely long line to get into the stage. Everybody was having their bags checked and being pat down before going in.

Place #37: 909 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6K 3L3

By the time I got to my seat, it was 10mins after the show was supposed to start and Calum Scott was already finishing up his set. I only heard one of his songs, a cover of Dancing on My Own with which he became famous. Speaking with my coworker later, he had started performing about 15mins before the show was technically supposed to start. I wish I had been able to see more of his performance.

This was made even more apparent once Echosmith started to perform. I’m not super familiar with their work; they have one song that was really popular a few years ago. They were alright live; I felt like I could only understand half the things they said.

Finally it was Pentatonix’s turn. I’ve seen Pentatonix live before, at the Hudson’s Bay holiday street concert thing-a-ma-bob last year, but they only performed a handful of songs. And, you know, it was on a riser on Queen St, so it wasn’t exactly the greatest set up to begin with. But Pentatonix did not disappoint. They did covers of some more recent songs, like Finesse and Attention. They also did some of their older covers that they’re well known for, like Hallelujah and a Daft Punk mash up. The guy sitting next to me was freaking out about the Daft Punk song. It was clear his girlfriend had brought him to the concert, and he was interested enough in Pentatonix, but is a die hard fan of Daft Punk.

There was one point in the show where the three main singers were taking a break, so the beat boxer and bass singer were entertaining us on stage. It was one of my favourite parts of the show. They were just beat boxing clips of really popular songs and chatting with the crowd.

They did one of their original songs, which I had heard before. I’m glad they didn’t really do more of their own songs though because I think most people enjoy their covers more. And if I might be so bold, I think they know it’s not what people are looking for from them.

Their encore song was Bohemian Rhapsody, which I think was just perfect. I really enjoyed the show and am really glad I eventually decided to go.


Other new places this week:

  • Forest City Community Church East Campus, held at Clark Road Secondary School

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