Place #35: SCF Eatery Balcony

I feel like I’ve hardly gone grocery shopping this summer. Most weekends I’ve been away and eating elsewhere. When I get back to the apartment, I can’t be bothered to go grocery shopping because it’s only going to be a handful of days before I’m gone again. So I’ve been surviving on food I have in pantry and freezer. However, it occasionally means needing to eat out because I don’t have food. Primarily for lunch, as I usually take leftovers for lunch and seem to forget that there are other foods you can take for lunch, like sandwiches.

Such was the situation last week. I was going into the office and didn’t have any leftovers so I was buying lunch. It was just me and one of my coworkers in the office, so we went down to the cafeteria together. After getting lunch (sushi 🙂 ) she suggested that we eat on the building’s balcony just off the eatery.

Place #35: SouthCore Financial Eatery Balcony, 120 Bemner Blvd, Toronto, ON M5J 0A1

It was nicer than I was expecting. They have these fancy almost industrial picnic tables and lots of flower beds. There’s also this huge decal on the window drawing attention to the rooftop garden with bees that I’ve never noticed before. It’s only a couple floors up, so unfortunately you get a lot of the noise from the street. It’s not helped by the construction of a skyscraper across the street. But aside from that, a really nice place to eat lunch. However, given that my company has a private rooftop balcony on the 31st floor, I think I’ll stick with that one in the future.

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