Place #34: Richmond Station

One day, my coworker suggested we go to a tiny greenhouse in downtown Toronto one day after lunch. There didn’t seem to be much reason for the trip, but I was down for it. We weren’t particularly busy at work at the time, so none of us were bothered about leaving work early. (The greenhouse closes at 2:30pm, which is why we were going at the time we did).

Of course, if you’re going to be heading out around lunch time, you might as well go out for lunch while you’re at it right? Quite conveniently, there is a restaurant right beside the greenhouse.

Place #34: Richmond Station, 1 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H 3W4

It’s a very thin, long restaurant with a big circular window on the front wall. It was on the expensive side, and I wasn’t seeing anything on the menu that I was immediately interested in.  Our waitress came by and asked if we were interested in hearing about the specials of the day. And what do you know, the special is everything I love. They had a prix fix appetizer and entree: summer squash soup and crab cakes. I was very excited about it, especially after not seeing anything intriguing on the normal menu.

The crab cakes came on top of a pile of mashed potatoes, surrounded by corn chowder. There was a mini salad perched on top of the crab cakes. I didn’t take a picture, but I kind of wish I had. It was really good. Chloe gave me a piece of her duck, and it was also really good.

After we finished lunch, we went to Cloud Gardens. It really is a very small greenhouse; I don’t think we spent more than 5 minutes in there. It was also very humid and warm in there, which wasn’t encouraging us to stick around. But they had some cool palm tree-like plants and a bunch of air plants, which I think are fascinating. They don’t need soil to live! They look really great in glass containers. The greenhouse also had a number of what used to be orchids, but have died.

After the greenhouse, I went to continue working at home because the greenhouse was closer to my apartment than the office.

Other new places this week:

  • Cloud Gardens, the greenhouse
  • The Cheesecake Factory, in Toronto!

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