Place #33: Bayfield Shipwreck

This past weekend, I was at #babefield, a girls weekend at Justine’s cottage. It was a lot of fun. After concerns about it raining all weekend, we had great weather. There were 10 of us. On Saturday, we went into Bayfield and hung out at the beach. Four of us swam out to the shipwreck that’s not too far of shore. It wasn’t too wavy, so it took us about 10mins to get there. Not the trek Justine was making it out to be.

The shipwreck is the hull of an old steamboat that’s on an angle so half the hull is sticking out of the water. Justine and I climbed on top and jumped off the top. It was a lot of fun. The water is really clear. There was a guy scuba diving around the boat while we were there.


Shortly after we got back to the beach, it started to rain a little bit, so we packed up and went into town. It didn’t end up raining for very long, but we were happy to get ice cream and then head back to the cottage.

Justine set up a very cute dinner for us at the top of the hill on her property. We sat on blankets around a large bench with candles and little bouquets of wild flowers. It was very pretty. We also timed it perfectly with golden hour, so we got some really awesome photos (which you can see by searching #babefield on instagram). Nicola was having a blast taking lots of photos.

Other new places this week:

  • Terroni, got lunch with Gregg since he was downtown

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