Place #32: The Toronto Islands

I’ve given up trying to determine exactly which of the Toronto Islands I went to, because there doesn’t seem to be a simple naming system. One of the islands has two names, one of which is apparently also the name of one of the other islands; I don’t know. My best guess is Centre Island, the biggest one (but also apparently the one with Centreville Theme Park on it…)

Me, Emily, Nicola, and some others took the Ferry to Hanlan’s Point, named for one of the first families that lived on the island year round (that is, you know, after colonization 🙄). The beach on that end of the island is clothing optional, so we wandered on to a more G-rated area of the island. I wanted to see the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, one of the oldest buildings in Toronto and the second oldest lighthouse in Canada. I learned from the plaque that the first light keeper met an unfortunate demise and is one of Toronto’s oldest ghost stories.

The lighthouse is, despite being on an island, not all that close to water. A separate plaque informed us that when it was built in 1808, it was in fact on the edge of the island. The land has moved and changed since then, and so its location isn’t as prime anymore. But fin fact, back in the day they changed the light from white to green so that it wouldn’t be confused with the modern lights of the city.

After seeing the lighthouse we headed to the clothing mandatory beach. I didn’t bring my swimsuit so I just walked in to my knees. It was very refreshing and I found some cool rocks. There’s one that I found that I’m pretty sure was carved at one point and then somehow ended up in the water. It looks like a trim piece to me. What do you think?

The sand was extremely hot, so pretty soon we made our way back to the park area in search for hammock trees. Emily and I had brought our hammocks with us. I didn’t think it would be difficult to find three trees together, but apparently that’s a lot to ask. Eventually we found a spot for one hammock, and left it at that. I hung up my hammock because I had longer straps that would span the distance and the others chilled on the grass.

Nicola and the others left the island around dinner time, but Emily and I stayed longer. Emily wanted to see the city at dusk. It was weird seeing the city from the south. It was weird to be in this big park land area and look over and just see the tips of some of the tallest buildings peeking over the edge of the trees.

We eventually made it back to the mainland, after missing a ferry because we were so far back in line we didn’t get on the first one. But they come every 15-30mins, so it wasn’t too long a wait.

For those that would like to contest that I’ve been to Centreville Theme Park before and have thus likely been on the island I was on last week, A) that was a long time ago and B) I also went to Emily’s Starbucks for Knit Night last week. I like knitting!

One thought on “Place #32: The Toronto Islands

  1. I see a heart! Also knit night at a Starbucks…that’s very cool. I have a Pinterest board of things I need you to knit me…pretty please.


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