Place #31: Tobermory

Turns out, our friend Kyle was going to be at his cottage near Tobermory while we were in Tobermory. So we made plans to meet up with him. He met us literally as soon as we got off the boat. We wandered around the marina area, popping into shops along the way. I was able to get a Tobermory pin!

Place #31: Tobermory, ON

We got lunch on a rooftop patio overlooking the water which was very nice. We then headed to Kyle’s cottage. I had wanted to visit Flower Pot Island but there just wasn’t enough time to get on the boat ride and get back in time (we needed to have the rental car back in Barrie by 7:30pm). We followed Kyle in his car to his cottage, which was further away than I imagined ‘near Tobermory’ being. It was about a 45min drive. And most of it was gravel roads. But Kyle has a very nice cottage. His parents are working on renovating it. They’re on the water, and the ‘beach’ is all rocks.

There was a hiking path nearby, so we decided to go on that. It was to a waterfall called the Devil’s Monument. Apparently it’s called that because the waterfall comes out of the middle of a wall of rock, instead of from over the wall of rock. It was another intense hike, requiring grabbing onto nearby surfaces for stability. It didn’t get any easier when it started raining. By the time we got back to the car, we were all soaking wet. Thankfully we had clothes back at the cottage that we could change into.

We played a couple rounds of the card game Golf before heading out again. On the way to Barrie, we stopped in Wiarton since we had to slow down to drive through it anyways. We went to see Wiarton Willie, but he was in the ‘inside part’ of his enclosure. So we took a picture with the statue instead.

Once we dropped the rental car off, we had a 2.5hr GO bus and train trip back into Toronto. At the end of the da, we had spent 14hrs travelling. But, that’s a road trip for you!

Other new places:

  • The Crow’s Nest, where we got lunch
  • Kyle’s cottage
  • a free range chicken farm between Tobermory and Kyle’s cottage. The chickens were roaming around the front yard of the house 😂

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