Place #25: Pablo

This weekend has consisted mainly of dreary weather and me trying to avoid it. Justine had some errands to run, so I spent Saturday afternoon walking around the mall with her and Emily. In an attempt to add some yellow to our day, I suggested we get cheese tarts.

Place #25: Pablo Cheese Tart, 114 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C3

Last summer, there was a craze over Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake. It’s not like stereotypical cheesecake; it doesn’t have a crust and has more of a cakey texture. It’s very delicious though. People would line up for hours outside the store hoping to get their hands on an Uncle Tetsu cheesecake. It got so bad that they opened another Uncle Tetsu’s down the street. And then one day, all that changed.

Enter, the Pablo cheese tart. Smack dab in the middle of the two Uncle Tetsu locations, a new Japanese bakery was in town and they were selling cheese tarts. All of the people waiting in line along Dundas St were no longer trying to get a cheesecake, but a cheese tart from Pablo. It was the definition of viral baked goods.

I had eaten Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake a couple of times, prior to Pablo stealing all the thunder. I didn’t wait in line for hours though. They opened a little stand in Union Station which never had a line longer than a handful of people. My coworkers and I bought a cheesecake one afternoon when we weren’t motivated. But up until this weekend, I had never tried a Pablo cheese tart. I wasn’t interested in waiting in line for a cheese tart, so I waited for the hype to die down. Also conveniently, Pablo has a sign in their window letting you know what types of cheese tart they still have available or have sold out of for the day.

There are three types of cheese tarts: the original, the original with a layer of matcha on top, and a chocolate cheese tart. We got the original, which comes with a layer of lemon gelled syrup on top. It was really good. The crust was great: thin and flaky but sturdy enough to do its job. We got one of the big ones to share; you can also buy individual slices of a large tart, or an individual tart. They also sell cheese tart flavoured ice cream and smoothies…not sure how I feel about that. But it certainly cheered up the dreary day 🙂

Cheese Tart
The logo on the cake is stamped on using an iron, and then the lemon topping is poured on top

ps. Both Uncle Tetsu locations on Dundas are still open. I half expected one of them to close after the craze died down. But, you still see people walking around with those iconic short and fat Uncle Tetsu bags (specifically designed so that the cheesecake box fits perfectly at the bottom of the bag), so I guess they’re doing well enough.

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