Place #24: Elora Gorge Conservation Area

A number of months ago, a group of girls from GBDA decided we should get together one weekend and hang out/catch up with each other. Originally, the plan was to get together in May, but that ended up being the weekend with the big ice storm, so it didn’t end up happening. We rescheduled for last weekend, and decided that since the weather was going to be nicer than attempt #1, we should do something outside.

Place #24: Elora Gorge Conservation Area, 7400 Wellington County Rd 21, Elora, ON N0B 1S0

I knew that people wanted to go swimming in the quarry, and I knew that people wanted to walk along the gorge, but what I did not know is that Elora Gorge Conservation Area and Elora Quarry Conservation Area are actually two different conservation areas. This cause some minor confusion when we messaged each other saying that we had arrived, but couldn’t see each other. Mara and I went to Elora Gorge first, and the others went to Elora Quarry. Luckily, they’re only a 10min drive away from each other and once you pay to get into one, you’re allowed to go to the other. So Mara and I headed over to the quarry.

Mara and Anjelica braved the cold water and went for a swim; the rest of us just dipped our feet in. We brought a potluck picnic lunch, which we ate on the beach by the water. After relaxing in the sand, we went for the strenuous 1km walk around the edge of the quarry. It really is quite beautiful. Caribbean blue water and Canadian cold temperatures!

After convincing the extremely reluctant security guard to take our group photo, we headed over to the gorge. The gorge has more trails and paths to walk along. They run tubing down the gorge later in the season, so there’s a staircase that you can take to get to the water level of the gorge. It reminded me of walking along the ocean floor in the Bay of Fundy last summer,  with little pockets of water in the rock and lots of green slippery seaweed everywhere. It was a fun little walk, and we got some good photos of each other.

Mara had me drive us back to Toronto; it was going fine until we got back into the city. There was an accident that was blocking all but one lane of the highway. It was then that I realized I will forever be grateful that I can walk to work and don’t have to deal with commuting every day, like Mara does. Mara also pointed out that ever since she started commuting daily, it’s made her less interested in traveling on the weekends, because it just means more time in the car. I had never even thought about that, but it makes sense. Of course, if you don’t even own a car, then going on road trips becomes challenging in its own right.

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