Place #23: #pshawcottage

During the summer, Justine lives her weeks to get to the weekend. Her goal is to have plans every weekend for the entire summer. And I’m getting into it. And our summer started off with an amazing girls weekend at #pshawcottage.

Place #23: #pshawcottage, Southampton, ON

Emily, Nicola, Justine, and I drove up together and Nicole met us there. I’ve missed road trips, and they’re always so much fun with friends. I’m hoping to go on a couple more before the end of the summer. I miss driving!

This was my first time at the cottage, and I was very excited to see it. I’ve seen sneaks and peaks from J’s instagram over the past couple summers, but never the whole thing. It’s a very cute cottage, and the renovations look amazing. And it’s right on the water, so you have your own little patch of beach, which is lovely.  You can watch sunsets from the couch in the cottage, which, I won’t judge if you don’t make the 30sec trek down to the beach, but it’s nice to know you can 😉

We chatted, lounged on the beach, and ate lots of good food. On Saturday afternoon, we went into Southampton to get ice cream and hang out by the giant flag. I set up my hammock for the first time of the season. It was lovely. Got burnt, but I’m living for the tan that has come as a result. (I did go out and buy sunscreen though, for all my future summer weekend plans.) On our way home, we made a quick detour to Sauble Beach just for kicks.

Other places this week:

  • Ecole publique Gabrielle-Roy, to vote!
  • Danforth area, and various parks, for garage sale hopping
  • Cafe Demetres
  • Evergreen Brickworks, which is an old brick factory that is now a garden center and green public space. I bought a snake plant! They are supposed to handle low light situations well, which is exactly what my bedroom is. Her name is Medusa


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