Place #20: Harbour Square Park West

Yes, I know this is late. But I’ve been sick and trying to get the apartment under control (it desperately needs to be cleaned).

This week was nothing special. Emily and I were I having a step challenge and we needed to hit our goal one more day in order to get the scene point bonus (if you aren’t using the Carrot app, you’re missing out). I had worked from home, so my step count was hovering around 500 steps at 5:30pm. I decided to go out for a walk, since the weather was actually nice at that point. My step goal is currently at 11,000 steps, which is a lot. When I walk to/from work, I can get 9,000 steps easily. But that extra 2,000 has been a pain. Especially if you’re going to try and get all 11,000 in one walk. I started meandering around downtown Toronto, eventually making my way to the waterfront. I needed to get more than halfway to my step goal on the first half of my walk, because I knew that my walk home would be a more efficient route and wouldn’t be as many steps.

When I figure I must be at least halfway there, I take a seat in one of the Muskoka chairs on the waterfront and get a notification that we’ve completed our step goal. I think to myself, ‘This can’t be possible, there’s not way I took 11,000 steps already’. Turns out Emily hit her step goal so we hit our combined goal and the challenge was over. I was just a tad annoyed at the whole thing. And then I still had to walk all the way back home.

Place #20: Harbour Square Park, 25 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2G4

The large concrete sphere with a walkway into it was what drew me to this particular patch of green along the waterfront. It’s a bit strange. Inside you can look out on the water through a gap in the wall. The bottom is filled with stagnant water though, so the whole thing stunk.

Other new places this week

  • BMO Branch 29152 (I did real adult stuff this week!)

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