Place #17: Buffalo, NY

This past weekend, Emma, Emily, Nicola, Justine, and I spent the weekend in New York City (which from here on out will be referred to as NYC – the border crossing guard was adamant we clarify between New York the state and New York City).

But that’s not this week’s location. We flew out of Buffalo to save some money, so this week is all about Buffalo, NY. Because boy did we have an adventure in Buffalo.

We wanted to have all day Friday to spend in New York, so we got a flight that left at 6am. I didn’t really think through at the time what that would mean in terms of departure time from Toronto. We stayed at Justine’s house in Milton and had a quick nap before getting up at 1:45am to drive to Buffalo (shout out to Justine’s dad for driving us to Buffalo in the middle of the night).

Everything was going smoothly up until we were taxiing away from the gate. The plane apparently had ‘mechanical issues with the nose of the plane’ and couldn’t take off. Now, I’d like to remind you that this is all happening very early in the morning and we are all pretty tired. Nicola was in the same row as me on the plane and fell asleep almost as soon as we got on the plane. When the flight attendant was announcing that we were returning to the gate, Nicola woke up and saw that we were on the ground, pulling into a gate. I immediately knew what was happening and it was amazing to watch. She, of course, thought we had already landed in NYC. Oh how I wish it had been true. She later commented that it was the general air of frustration on the plane that tipped her off that we weren’t in NYC.

There were then a couple of confusing hours where 4 flights to LaGuardia were leaving out of two and a half gates. Some people were put on the other flights and some were waiting around to see what would happen with the original flight (including us).

In the mean time, we occupied ourselves by filming little segments for our trip video. This will be no ordinary trip video. And we had all been up for 6hrs already and were running on ~2hrs of sleep, so it’s not our finest work. But it just might be our funniest 😉

After being moved between the two and a half gates 3 times, we were eventually told that we would be boarding…the same plane as before. It was never explicitly stated that the problem had been fixed, but we were rolling with it. We landed in NYC two and a half hours later than originally planned, but thankfully still with a full day ahead of us due to the ridiculously early original start time. But that’s next week’s story 🙂

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