Place #15: Breather

I was surprised on Tuesday evening when I got a call from the woman who runs the connect group I attend, Dorcas. We had occasionally texted and said hi to each other at church, but hadn’t really chatted outside connect itself. She runs a blog and through it occasionally hosts workshops. She was calling me to ask if I would be interested in baking something for her workshop this Saturday. Specifically, she requested toffee triangles, a cookie square I had brought to connect group just a couple weeks ago. And she wanted to pay me for it, so I wasn’t one to say no.

Place #15: Breather Room, 555 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON

The workshop was being held in this room that you can rent for any period of time from a company called Their rooms are generally fairly basic, with lots of white and clean lines. A little touch of hipster vibes, if I may. They have rooms in a lot of major cities in North America.


Originally I was just planning on dropping off the squares and leaving, but I decided to stay. It was only supposed to be a couple hours and I had no other plans, so I thought might as well. The workshop was titled “All Things Money” and there was a speaker who was knowledgable on the topic coming. I was a little out of place in the sense that most people in the room (about 15) had debt that they were trying to pay off, and I don’t. The speaker was also completely against credit cards, which I think is a debatable stance if you know how to use it responsibly. It was a good refresher though on saving and investing. The speaker gave a good breakdown on the differences between a RRSP and TFSA, which I can never seem to keep straight in my head.

Lunch was provided; fancy bagel sandwiches from What A Bagel. I had one with smoked salmon and cream cheese on it (it also had capers, pickles, and cucumbers on it, which I tried not to think too hard about). And of course, my toffee triangles. I overheard one of the ladies saying they were really good, which was nice to hear.

I had brought my cake stand to put the squares (should I be calling them triangles?) on, so I was kind of stuck staying until the end of the workshop. A couple people had ducked out after a couple hours, the predetermined end time. But the remaining people had more questions they wanted answered, so the workshop continued. I let myself get into a bit of a bad mood about how it wasn’t ending on time and I couldn’t really leave until the end because of my stupid cake plate. It was completely unjustified and looking back I’m ashamed of how I behaved (mostly internally, thank goodness). I was hearing valuable information about finances, I was attending the workshop for free because I had baked something, and I had literally no other plans for the entire day. Yet there I was at the end rushing to pack up and get out of there because it went an hour longer than anticipated.

Dorcas came up to me as I was leaving and noticed that something was wrong. I felt bad because there was literally nothing that she had done wrong. I had just let myself spiral into this bad mood. I told her it had just gone longer than expected, and she kept apologizing. I didn’t know what else to say other than it’s not her fault, because I was just being unreasonable.

I went to Uniqlo on the way home and bought a shirt and skirt as some retail therapy (?). I had seen these specific items a couple times walking by and had been wanting to get them. So I just bit the bullet and got them.

I wish my new place this week could have been the Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors exhibition at the AGO, because that was amazing. But alas, I’ve been to the AGO before.

My photos don’t do these rooms justice. The last photo is a room that started completely white at the beginning of the exhibition 5 weeks ago. Everyone gets 3 coloured dots to stick wherever they want in the room.

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