Place #13: Aroma

This was the first week where I specifically had to go out of my way to go to a new place. I was counting on a team lunch out on Thursday to be a new place, but we ended up going to a crepe cafe that I’ve been to before. So on Thursday afternoon, I was getting a little worried. I was heading to London for the weekend, and it was going to be a little harder to find a new place there because A) I’ve been to a lot more places in London than in Toronto and B) there’s definitely not any new places within walking distance, meaning I would have to commandeer a car from the parents at some point. And it was Easter weekend, so there was family visiting and it would be slightly more difficult to just disappear for a little bit.

At first I though I might convince the family to go for a walk in a park that we’ve never been to before. (Any time there’s family visiting, there are daily walks.) That did end up happening, but one day too late (so stay tuned for next week!).

Place #13: Aroma Espresso Bar, 1680 Richmond St, London, ON N6G 3Y9

When my aunt said she wanted to go to the mall on Saturday afternoon, I thought this might be my chance. One end of the mall had recently been converted from the carcass of Sears to be a handful of smaller stores. I had walked through the renovation before, but figured there was a store in there that could be my new place.

I was all ready to make my new place H&M, but I was being ridiculed by my family about using specific branches of chain stores as my new place. And I will admit it’s not my favourite thing to do. (When I did that with McDonald’s, it was more so that I could tell you the shamrock shake story than anything else). But it was Saturday afternoon and I was running out of time. So in order to appease the masses, I decided to pop in to the new cafe in the mall. I got a chai latte, which is my go to drink at any cafe. It was alright. Nothing to write home about, and yet here we are.

No other new places this week…obviously.

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