Place #10: Luckee

Are you friends with anyone whose birthday seems to go on forever? Whether it’s on purpose or not, some people seem to be celebrating their birthday for weeks. A meal here, a party there, a gift quickly passed along. It never seems to happen for my birthday…

One of my friends had her birthday on Saturday, and prior to Saturday had already had at least 3 birthday meals, with two more to come. I was at meal #3. We went to a Chinese dim sum restaurant.

Place #10: Luckee by Susur Lee, 328 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON, M5V 3T4

Despite two of our party members being debatable experts in dim sum, we were having difficulties deciding what to order. It was mainly about finding a balance between entrees and plates to share. The waiter convinced us to get a bunch of dim sum plates to share. And since the restaurant is known for its cheung fun, which is a rice roll with meat and veggies in it, we had to order some of those. They actually ended up being my favourite of all the things we ordered.

We each got a soup dumpling, which I’ve never had. As the name might suggest, the dumpling has soup in it. It was a bit challenging to eat, as it started falling apart when I picked it up. An interesting concept though; I’d be worried biting into it if it had stayed intact.

And since it was a birthday meal, we got a dessert. It was a Hong Kong-style egg waffle or egg cake as I believe they’re actually called. It had green tea ice cream on top and was completely delicious. They stuck the candle to the edge of the plate, which was cute.

And to everyone’s surprise, the birthday girl paid for the whole thing. Part of me wanted to object, but the other part of me appreciated the gesture because the cost of the meal was admittedly a little out of my normal range for a meal out (the soup dumplings cost $6. Each).

My other new place this week:

  • Salad King, which is quite unexpectedly a Thai restaurant

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