Place #7: Studio on Richmond

My desire to achieve the goals I set for myself is stronger than my desire to stay in a routine I’m comfortable with.

Hence this New Years resolution. It is not one of my natural tendencies to throw myself into new situations. But I also don’t want to lead a dull life, so I put goals/motivators in place to encourage myself to do new things.

When I started going to C3 Church Toronto last summer, it was further out of my comfort zone than I anticipated. The style of service was very different from what I grew up with. I grew up in a baptist church with an old congregation where clapping was discouraged and silence during the sermon was expected. C3 Church could not have been any more of a polar opposite. The worship is like a concert with flashing lights, everyone claps after every song, and the pastor is always asking for vocalizations from the crowd. And you’d be hard pressed to find anyone over 40 in the congregation.  It has taken me up until now pretty much to adjust to this new style of church service.

C3 makes a huge effort to make people feel at home and help them get involved. I, however, am someone who prefers to figure stuff out on my own, get a lay of the land, and then become more involved (in all areas of life, not just church). So when hosts at C3 were asking me if I was joining a connect group after only attending a handful of services, I was not ready.

I attend C3 with two friends, and they expressed an interest in joining a connect group this time around (the connect groups last for 3 months at a time, and the ones available change every cycle). Since I was feeling more comfortable with the services, and my friends were also interested in joining a connect group, I said I’d come along. We missed the starting week, because the connect groups are only posted a week before they start. Once we determined which connect group we were going to attend, it was discovered that my two friends would not be able to make it to the second meeting either (it happens every other week).

The easy thing to do would have been to wait and go with them in another couple weeks. But since it’s happening biweekly and only lasts 3 months, missing two sessions was going to be a significant portion of the group. So I decided to go on my own.

Place #7: Studio on Richmond Condos, 199 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON, M5V 0H4

I realized about halfway there that I probably should have brought my bible. I didn’t have a lot of information about what exactly we would be talking about or doing during the get together. So I was worrying if I had made a rookie mistake while walking there. When I got to the building there was someone right in front of me and I just followed her in, instead of buzzing in. I later discovered that it’s a bit of a miracle that the elevator worked for me, because the building’s elevator only goes to certain floors if you have a fob to let it know what floor you can access.

There were 7 of us in a fairly small apartment. We all had seats, but it sounds like a number of people who had been to the first session weren’t there this evening because it was Valentine’s Day. Including my two friends who will be coming starting next week, it will be a fairly large group and I’m not sure where everyone will sit, let alone fit.

We started with some more casual conversation; everyone talked about what they wanted to get out of 2018. Then we had a time of prayer, and then the girl leading it talked about prayer. We discussed the power of prayer, what it means to say ‘in Jesus’ name’ at the end of a prayer, and where and when we can pray. It was a good discussion. It wasn’t so intense that I felt overwhelmed, but deep enough that I got something out of it. It was comforting to hear the other girls talk about their struggles with prayer and how some of them were the same as mine (mainly, praying before bed but being too tired to really put much thought into it at that point).

And no one had their bible (except for specific verses written out). So I did all that worrying for nothing. I’m looking forward to the next session. At least, I’m meeting new people from church.

I didn’t have any other new places this week! And I’m thinking next week I’ll have to intentionally choose a new place, because I don’t currently have any plans that involve a new place yet.

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