Place #6: Coldstream Fine Art

Friday was once again upon us, and I could count the number of times I had left my apartment that week on one hand. That’s one of the things about working from home; if you don’t pay attention, it’s easy to become a hermit. Really easy. Usually I go into the office twice a week, but with two coworkers on vacation and the others only coming in if there was a meeting they needed to attend, there wasn’t much reason/motivation for me to go in.

I wasn’t particularly concerned with my lack of ‘outside world’ time, but when Justine asked if I wanted to come to a magazine launch with her that evening, I figured I probably ought to say yes. And so I must admit, that half of the reason I was going was to get outside. The other half was the fact that there was going to be free food.

Place #6: Coldstream Fine Art, 80 Spadina Avenue, Suite 208, Toronto, ON, M5V 2J4

The magazine, or rather, the magazine issue, being launched was from RADMag, a magazine featuring the work of photography, fashion, and interior design students at Ryerson University.  As I expected, most of the attendees at this launch were of the artsy variety. Specifically, those who represent their artsy-ness through their clothes. Lots of black on black, white on white, see through on skin, sweaters (not) on exposed shoulders, and more colourful makeup than a circus (sorry, I’ve been playing The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat all week).

Disclaimer: I was also wearing black on black. I’m just commenting on the general attire.

There was indeed free food: pizza from an unmarked pizza box. I wish I knew where it was from, because there was some interesting flavours going on. And perhaps more notably, free beer. Too bad I don’t drink. Some of the work from the magazine was up on the walls. I didn’t look at it too closely to be honest, except for when I flipped through the magazine itself. One section of the gallery was blocked off because a series of paintings glowed in the dark. Those were my favourite pieces. The lights in the area faded between black lights and normal lights, so you could see the two different ‘sides’ of the painting in the different light. We tried taking some cool photos, but the group of us couldn’t pull it together enough to take one good photo.

So far, I haven’t had to make much of an effort to go to new places. I’m not sure if that will continue, or if as we get further on in the year, it will require more and more effort to make it to a new place each week. Basically what I’m saying is: it hasn’t been hard to keep this new years resolution. Yet.

My other new places this week:

  • Pickle Barrel. My mom was in town and we got lunch together.
  • FreshCo. I discovered it’s actually closer to my apartment than my normal grocery store, so I went to check it out. The walk was considerably less desirable than the walk to No Frills, so to No Frills I shall continue to go.
  • Jux•ta•pose Cards & Gifts. Saw this store while walking along the street, and figured I’d pop in to take a look. It’s the kind of store I love to look around, but never buy anything from because I’m cheap.


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