Place #5: Sunflower Alley

If someone asks me if I want to be a model for their photoshoot, it usually doesn’t take me too long to say yes. If said person happens to be an amazing photographer who’s had their work shown in places like Canada’s Houses of Parliament and The Globe and Mail, I don’t even need to think about it. Alia Youssef has over the past year (longer?) worked on a project called The Sisters Project, which is a photo series of Canadian Muslim women.She’s awesome, to put it simply. Recently, she’s started a new project on sisterhoods and was looking for sisterhoods to photograph.

Place #5: Frankel-Lambert Park, 340 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G 3C3 aka Sunflower Alley, dubbed so by Nicola

So after church last week, Justine, Nicola, and I headed over to Sunflower Alley near Nicola and Alia’s house for a photoshoot. This may be shocking, but there’s an alley and it’s painted with sunflowers. It’s pretty, and makes a prime photo background. There was also a canoe being used as a garden bed, which I loved. We also went to the nearby park and took some fun pictures on the playground. And even though I always say yes to being a model, I’m not actually convinced I’m very good at it. I feel awkward posing in positions that ‘feel weird but will look good in the photo, I promise.’ I don’t know how to do a ‘smise’ face. Posing with my friends made it more fun than being alone. And knowing the photos are in Alia’s capable hands doesn’t give me much to worry about. I can’t wait to see the pictures Alia took!

My other new places this week:

  • Nicola and Alia’s house
  • Bosk, which my co-workers and I went to as a part of Winterlicious. A fancy establishment, to say the least. There was an aquarium in the floor.

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