Place #4: Com Tam

It’s already the end of January (what?!) and I’m realizing that I go to more new places than I realize. Each week, I’ve had more than one new place to decide from to be my official ‘new place’. This week is no different.

Place #4: Com Tam Vietnamese Cuisine, 1016 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1Z3

My grandma and aunt were in Toronto for the weekend visiting my great aunt and great uncle. They were also hoping to see me while they were in town. As I was soon to learn, they were also interested in seeing everyone they knew in Toronto and their dog. They first suggested getting dinner on Sunday, which switched to Sunday morning coffee, which then became Saturday lunch, and eventually settled on Saturday dinner. They came by my apartment to see where I was living, and catch up briefly. Then we went over to my 1st cousin once removed + girlfriend’s house (I had to look up what his relation to me is, anything beyond cousins and grandparents is lost on me), which incidentally is not all that far from where I live. They’re in the midst of renovating their house, which began with them stripping the entire house down to the studs and basically starting from scratch. I don’t think there is one room that’s completely finished. There was also some interesting things laying around. Like an engine block beside the kitchen table.

We went out for Vietnamese for dinner. I had vermicelli with beef, pork, and sausage. I enjoyed it. My aunt and grandma split an absolutely massive bowl of pho. We got a plate of fresh spring rolls to share, which came with a peanut sauce. I kid you not, half of the conversation throughout the entire meal was about how bad the peanut sauce was. “There’s no peanuts in this!” “Must be artificial.” “Should we ask for real peanut sauce?” I have much more patience than this particular group of relatives. (For the record, I did not eat the infamous peanut sauce. I was too full from my own dish to eat one of the spring rolls. I was given the leftover spring rolls though – which of course started up a debate as to whether I should take the remaining peanut sauce with me – and melted some peanut butter to eat with them for lunch today).

My other new place this week was:

  • Mi Ne Sushi, a good bye meal for a manager at work that’s leaving the company

I’ve also noticed that a lot of my new places are restaurants. I swear I don’t normally eat out this often. I don’t eat out at restaurants by myself (I hate it), or because I don’t feel like cooking. But just about every social gathering these days involves food, usually at a restaurant. It’s not me, it’s everyone else! Toronto also makes it very easy to eat out a lot…

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