Place #1: Pita Land

The first week of 2018 is quickly coming to a close and with it, I must declare what my first new place of the year is. Unlike last year’s resolution, I have to visit a new location each week of year. And as you’ve no doubt already realized, it’s not exactly a “kick off the year with a bang!” kind of location. But we’re both going to have to get rid of the idea that just because I say I’m going to new places doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to be interesting or cool places. (There were some people who thought when I said new places, thought I meant new cities or countries. Not a chance. My bank account couldn’t handle that.)

But enough about that. We don’t want Place #1 to feel any more inferior that it probably already does.

Place #1: Pita Land, 155 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON, Canada

If you’ve ever made the effort to send me a letter, you may notice that this is very close to where I live. 20m away to be exact, according to Google Maps. I’ve walked by Pita Land many times and have always thought, ‘I live so close to this place, I should probably try it out.’ And then I thought to myself, ‘One day, you’re not going to want to cook, so you’ll want to get take out, and you’ll go to Pita Land purely based on convenience.’ So I didn’t go.

Until now. I came back to Toronto on Jan 1 after spending 2 weeks at home in London. My apartment was cold (windows ≠ walls), I was tired (but not hungover), and I had no food in the apartment. That’s a lie, I had pasta, pasta sauce and frozen veggies, and could have easily made myself a respectable meal. I was just feeling lazy. And so cue the situation I mentioned earlier: I didn’t want to cook and decided to go to Pita Land. The convenience part really paid off too because it was freaking cold out.

There was a line, so I had lots of time to examine the step-by-step menu that read right to left :/ All this, only realize my options were actually more limited when I noticed that only two of the spinning grillers actually had meat on them. Chicken shawarma it is.

I didn’t eat in the restaurant; I brought it back to my apartment. In hindsight and in the spirit of ‘new places’ I probably should have eaten there. But I’m not too worked up about it because it does follow my guideline:

You must participate in the place in its intended way.  i.e. in a store, buy something.

I went in, I bought the shawarma, took a quick pic, and left. Now I’m blogging about it. Place complete ✓ 5 days in and the New Years Resolution lives on.

Not the most exciting place, but a new place nonetheless. Next week’s will be more interesting, I promise 😉

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