Heather Wraps Gifts FAQ

So you’ve heard that I’m offering to wrap your presents and you have some questions. Luckily for you, I have the answers.

Q: So, you really like wrapping gifts, huh?

A: Yea. I’ve wrapped almost every gift under the Woo family tree for years.

Q: And you’re offering to wrap other people’s gifts?

A: Yup. That’s how much I love it.

Q: Do you want to be paid for it?

A: As much as I’d love to call this a side hustle, I love gift wrapping so much that I’ll do it for free. But tokens of thanks are always appreciated. My favourite Tim Hortons donut is sour cream glazed, just so you know.

Q: Do you provide the wrapping paper?

A: I can. Or if you have your own wrapping paper you want me to use, I can do that too. My theme this year of minimalistic hipster woodsy might not be for everyone.

Q: Do you ever use gift bags?

A: I try and avoid it at all costs. Wrapping paper just provides such a better experience for both wrappers and un-wrappers.

Q: I’m giving my spouse/partner/significant other/child/grandparent a live animal. Will you wrap that?

A: I’ll wrap a box for you to put the animal in, but I’d advise against wrapping the animal directly.

Q: Is there anything you won’t wrap?

A: Realistically, yes, but for the sake of seeming versatile, I’m going to say no.

Q: Wait, so what kinds of things won’t you wrap?

A: See live animal question above.

Q: How long will it take you to wrap all my gifts?

A: Depends on how many gifts you have and how big/oddly shaped they are. It’d probably take me an afternoon.

Q: Is there delivery included in this arrangement?

A: Since I’m already doing your Christmas dirty work, the least you could do is drive to drop it off/pick it up. If you do need pick up/drop off, the aforementioned token of thanks becomes mandatory.

Q: This sounds like a pretty good deal. Where do I sign up?

A: I’m so glad you asked! Click this link: Tell Heather I want her to wrap my gifts!

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