The Final Countdown

In a mere 9 days, I will be heading back across the Atlantic Ocean, signalling the end of my term here at the University of Leeds. I’ve really enjoyed using this blog as a journal to remember my adventures, as well as keeping you, my fellow readers, updated on what I’m doing 5692.16km to the east. I’ve also enjoyed reading your comments, so thank you for those. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve limited blogging to when I have a trip to tell you about. Aside from a quick ‘trip’ to Bradford I’m planning this weekend (Bradford could be considered an extension of Leeds), the only trip I have ahead of me is my (very, very long) trip back to Canada.

Most likely, I won’t blog about that until I’m back in Canada, although I might start writing on the plane to pass the time. So until then, I’ll be bemoaning the suddenly very cold and wet weather that has decided to descend upon Leeds.

3 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. It has been so fun following your adventure from afar. Good luck finishing off projects and writing exams. Hope to see you when you return.


  2. I have really enjoyed your comments and your photos. You have managed to see and do a great deal in one term. I will be thinking of you during these last few days as you complete your projects and tie up loose ends. I hope you have a smooth journey back to Canada.


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