Falconry (Almost)

On Tuesday the weather was looking like it might actually be half decent, so Lynn took me back to Stratford Upon Avon to see Mary Arden’s Farm. Mary Arden was Shakespeare’s mother. However, the farm has got hardly anything to do with Shakespeare other than the familial relation. So for all intents and purposes, we were just visiting a farm. It was nice. They had a number of animals, including donkeys, pigs (and piglets), roosters, ferrets, and most impressively, birds of prey.

They had a falconry display, which was the highlight of the afternoon. As we were told, it wasn’t technically a true falconry display because the birds weren’t killing anything. Only if they killed something would it be a real falconry show. Nevertheless, very entertaining. The first bird was a falcon named Sass. He had a mind of his own and spent about 10mins perched on a rooftop across the street before he decided that he would cooperate. The second bird was an owl. She would fly very low in between the benches we were sitting on and land right by your shoulders. She wasn’t about messing around. When the man running the show asked her to skip a bench, she wasn’t having it. She’d wait until he went back to the next bench in line, and then she would fly. Overall, an enjoyable afternoon.

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