Watching Travelling

This week has been slightly bittersweet. I’ve been very productive these past few days, and have made a lot of progress on a couple of my assignments. However, what I am not doing is travelling. And it would appear that the rest of GBDA is currently anywhere and everywhere; I’ve been watching them travel. When I was planning my Easter break (which is a month long), I knew that I had to leave time to get some work done. I was/am counting on having time over the break to accomplish a lot. Then with the way things were working out with travelling with friends and my budget, it was looking like I’d be doing two weeks of travelling and two weeks of sitting in Coventry working on my projects. And that’s how it’s currently going. My tea consumption quadruples while I’m staying with Arthur and Lynn, because they each have numerous cups a day and they offer me one every time. I’ve discovered that I like tea any way: milk, no milk, sugar, no sugar. I’ll drink it all.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with that plan. I have lots of time to get things done and I’m not feeling rushed, but I also have time to explore a bit of Europe and travel. It’s just hard seeing people posting pictures to Facebook and their snapchat stories of their travels and knowing that, had I chosen to, I could be travelling right now as well. But a lot of things came into play when planning my break, a significant one being how much consistent travelling did I think I can handle? One of my friends is doing 7 countries in 9 days, which I just think is ridiculous. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy that. I’d be so tired and I feel like you’d spend a majority of the time travelling and hardly any time enjoying. I’d much rather see fewer places for longer, than a bunch of places for less than 24hrs.

With that in mind, I decided that I would travel to three places: Paris, Amsterdam and Edinburgh. Amsterdam was THE place that I wanted to visit while I’m over here, and I’m very excited that I’ll be able to explore it with two of my friends from Waterloo. Paris I just decided to go to on a whim, and figured it would kind of be on the way to Amsterdam. I wanted to see Scotland at some point, and Edinburgh seems like it has lots interesting things to see and do. I’m sure that I’ll be exhausted at the end of it, but I’m sure I’ll never regret it either. My friend gave me some advice, which went something along the lines of “when you look back, you’ll never remember the logistics or money, you’ll just remember the amazing memories”. Some of the best advice I’ve ever received.

I do worry that I’ll regret not going to more places while I’m over here, especially spending so much time with other students who act like they’re never going to be able to see Europe again. Which may be true for them. But I’ve chosen to look at it as, “now I’ll have to come back, because I didn’t see this or that”. I’ve been trying to see a lot of England through various day and weekend trips, and hopefully be able to cross that off the list of places I need to explore more, allowing myself to see more of Europe later on in life.

All of that being said, I am very excited for my trip. A tad worried, with the terrorist attacks that have been happening recently, but I’m praying that all will run smoothly. I also wonder how many photos my SD card can hold, and whether I’ll run out of space or not. I’m always torn between being able to capture moments and sights with my camera and simply enjoying things with my own eyes. Sometimes I get so caught up in capturing something on camera that I don’t take the time to really look at it in person. Too often I look through my photos and I see something that was staring me in the face and I hadn’t noticed it in person. And then there’s the additional desire to show people through snapchat all of the grand adventures I’m having. It’s a balance I have yet to master.

Upon the decision to spell travelling with two l’s, I’d like to direct you to a small grammar lesson here (scroll down to the usage notes). 

2 thoughts on “Watching Travelling

  1. Heather a lot of your classmates may be doing more travelling than you over the break but what they won’t experience is the once in a life time opportunity to get to know an aunt and uncle better who live in a different country.🙂


  2. I agree that it is far better to spend a few days in three places than a few hours in many. I am sure more opportunities will come your way in future years. At 79 I am still travelling and enjoying new places and new experiences.


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