“Coventry All Over Again”

And so the procrastination continues. This time, it’s of preparing for my interviews (of which I have 7 this week – overwhelming to say the least), and deciding what topic I’ll be doing for a couple of my projects this term.

I spent this weekend in Coventry. I didn’t have any plans for the weekend, and I thought it would be better to be spending it with family than alone in my dorm room. I’m glad that I came down, even if it was a bit of a journey (the train took over 3 hours, including a switch in Birmingham). However, I did learn of some hilarious town names in England, including Tile Hill, Rugby, and Long Buckby. Yesterday Arthur and Lynn has a number of people over at various times throughout the day, so there was lots of time spent chatting, drinking tea and eating cakes. I’ll just quote one bit for you:

Guest: Oh, well I can see the resemblance there! (referring to Arthur and I).

Me: *nods*

Arthur: Yes, yes, of course.

Guest: *turns to me* Oh, sorry. You don’t want to be compared to him do you? Really, you’re very beautiful 😉

Arthur suffered numerous sly comments throughout the day. We played mahjong in the evening, which I quite enjoyed. It was good to do something I’m familiar with again. Although, Arthur and Lynn play where an enhancer counts as a pong and ruins a set of runs, so my wins were not as profitable as they could have been. Nevertheless, still good to play. There were 5 of us, which actually worked out well because you would rotate out every 4 rounds, giving everybody a bit of a break.

This afternoon we went on a walk in a nearby park. It was a bit chilly, but good to get out and do something (I realized late last night that I hadn’t actually been outside all day). We chatted about cruises, I was more than happy to share my experiences with Arthur and Lynn, and show them the benefits of cruising. Arthur thought he would be bored trapped on a ship, and I said you would have to try really hard to be bored on a cruise ship. Arthur seems convinced.

This week is going to be brutal, and I’m already planning how I’m going to relax next weekend. I’m thinking I’ll try the benefits of retail therapy. There is a shopping center in Leeds that I’ve yet to be to. Please pray that my interviews go well, and that I get an internship!

(I’ve also added a number of points to the cultural differences list in my previous post, which you can take another look at here).

The title is taken from the Sherlock episode “A Scandal in Belgravia”. I think of it every time I hear ‘Coventry’ and had to get it in there somewhere 🙂

Sherlock: There’s going to be a bomb on a passenger jet. The British and American governments know about it but rather than expose the source of that information they’re going to let it happen. The plane will blow up. Coventry all over again. The wheel turns. Nothing is ever new.

4 thoughts on ““Coventry All Over Again”

  1. Always great to have Heather stay, except for the fact that Lynn and Heather tend to gang up on me. Please cast your sympathy votes for me! 🙂


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