A Day in Leeds

I’m going to backtrack to Thursday. Arthur and Lynn took the train into Leeds so that we could spend the day together (I don’t have any classes on Thursdays). First we went to the Leeds City Museum, which was good. Arthur and Lynn had wanted to go to the art gallery as well, but as I’ve mentioned, it’s closed for repairs. We then went to a place called 2, which is a little restaurant just beside town hall. We went for afternoon tea. To only use one word, I would call it amazing. We were each given 2 of each of the 4 different types of sandwiches, a fish cake, and a large pot of tea. There was unlimited tea, and you could have any of the 6 types that they had. I had Assam, which was quite nice, and similar to earl grey. Of course, everything was served on tiered plates, there were fancy tea cups and plates and 5 pieces of cutlery. More interestingly, it’s all gluten free. You wouldn’t know it by the taste though. Usually gluten free bread is quite dry and grainy, but this bread was comparable to normal bread. We were getting full near the end of the sandwiches but we pushed on because the best part had yet to come. 

We ate through the desserts strategically, thinking about what would be easy to pack up when we couldn’t finish it. We had a creme brûlée with a jam-like topping and a nice touch of coconut at the bottom. Then we had a pavlova, which is like a meringue, with a piece of white chocolate and a raspberry. That was quite good. There was also a sponge cake with a cream filling. Then we moved on to the scones and clotted cream. I was informed that there is a nation-wide debate as to whether the jam or cream should go on the scone first. Arthur and Lynn are on opposing sides. I had to side with Arthur, and put the cream on first. We each only had half a scone because we were so full. 

After that, we had to call an end. We each brought home: the other half of our scone, another double chocolate scone, some clotted cream and jam, a cake truffle, and a very large brownie. I have yet to eat all of it. We then poked around the VisitLeeds store by town hall where Arthur discovered that there is a Marks & Spencer exhibit on the Leeds campus. So we headed up to campus and saw a history of the Marks & Spencer brand. They also hold the company archive in the building, which is neat. M&S started as a penny bazaar at Kirkgate Market in Leeds, of which is still very much alive. 

We then parted ways because Arthur and Lynn had to catch their train back to York, but it was a very enjoyable day. I didn’t eat dinner because I was so full from afternoon tea!

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