Enjoy Your Stay

Leeds, England.

I’m finally here. Kind of hard to believe (I was really enjoying my time in Coventry). But after getting lost only twice, Arthur, Lynn and I managed to make it to Devonshire Hall, the university residence that I’ll be calling home for the next 4 months.

It’s late, so I’ll keep this short. And really, I haven’t explored anywhere close to enough to make an interesting post about Devonshire Hall or Leeds in general. But my room is much bigger than I had anticipated, which is nice. It’s bigger than the room I had in first year, which I had to share with someone else. I think there’s usually two people in this room, there are two desks, two dressers, and two wardrobes. But only one bed, and it all belongs to me 🙂

This next bit I wouldn’t necessarily call a down side, but it certainly isn’t a plus. The route to get from the Old Hall foyer (Old Hall is the wing I’m staying in) to my bedroom is a maze. I’m not kidding. It’s also 4 flights of stairs and there’s no elevator. The stairs aren’t such a huge issue, they’re all spread out so it doesn’t feel like 4 flights. But there have got to be at least 10 turns and 4 doors along the way. It’s not at all confusing now that I know where I’m going. It would be, however, almost impossible for someone to stumble across my room while exploring. There are no signs indicating how to get to my floor. Not even signs mentioning that there are residence rooms nearby.

From what I’ve seen of Devonshire Hall (which isn’t much), it seems like a good place. The ground floor of where I go up to my room is beautiful. There’s porcelain tile all along the staircase and a beautiful vaulted ceiling with windows and ornate wall covers. One day, I’ll show you.

2 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Stay

  1. Can’t wait to see pics, but Em described it to me over dinner tonight at heart sushi. Your ears must have been burning. Also – we are plotting a care package that includes PB!! Any other requests?


  2. We were tired too when we finally found our hotel. The main trunk road out of Leeds central was closed, and we drove around the loop twice trying first another approach, giving up then having to follow small roads to our hotel. We managed to drive into taxi-only roads, pedestrian zones, and bus lanes, so who knows what the police on the CCTV thought of our licence plate. Anyways, a clean and comfortable hotel, a massive breakfast has put the calm back into our nerves.

    I (Arthur) enjoyed having dinner in residence the most. It took me right back to my own residence days. The staff were very friendly, making sure that Lynn’s gluten free lasagne was available, and even making a pot of tea for us ‘parents who had a long drive home’. Rarely have I thought there is too much food on my plate, but the woman behind the server managed it. My lasagne was served with two garlic bread rolls, and a heap of fried potatoes – more starch than I eat in a month. There was a day when I could not only eat that much, I could work it off too.

    We’re taking the bus into Leeds before heading to York. All the best with sorting out banks. We’ll be in touch. We really enjoyed having you to stay in Coventry. Look forward to seeing you again at some point.

    Arthur and Lynn


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