Welcome to London

After a brutal 12 hours of sitting (2 hours driving to Toronto, 3 hours waiting in the airport, and 7 hours on the plane), I have finally arrived in England. I’ve known this trip was happening for some time now, but it still wasn’t hitting me as I packed my bags and started saying my goodbyes. It first sunk in that I was leaving to embark on this adventure on my own when I said goodbye to my parents at the airport. The reality that I wouldn’t be seeing them (and everybody else) again for 4 months hit me somewhere across the Atlantic. And finally, it hit me that I was going to be living in England just before we landed in London, England. That was by far my favourite part of the entire flight. We flew over London and I could see all of the iconic buildings, slowly coming into view one by one. I love looking out the window and seeing the cities as we fly by.

One bonus to the experience was that there were only two of us in the row of three seats, the middle seat being empty. So this other girl and I were free to slouch and lean and spread out as much as we wanted.

Another highlight of my flight (if one can consider being stuck inside a metal tube flying at 1,000mph 36,000ft in the air pleasant enough to have highlights) was a little girl sitting in the row in front of me. She was about 1 year old. At first I was worried that she would cry and be annoying, but quite the opposite happened. She would peep her head in between the chairs and stick her arm through. I would wave and she would smile. Then she would look through the other crack and the girl I was sitting with would do the same thing. Then she’d look at me again. This cycle repeated numerous times. We also played peek-a-boo. Just one of my many forms of entertainment.

I’m now in Coventry with my aunt and uncle who came to pick up up at the airport. I’ll get settled in, get my body’s clock on UK time, and then head to Leeds next week. So until then, I’ll leave you with my dad’s parting words to me: “Have a moderate amount of fun and stay safe.”

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