Surprise! I’m back again! Already, you ask? Yes, the first two weeks of February were a busy time for me. A day after getting back from San Francisco, I was on my way to Montreal to have a girls weekend. On Friday, Justine and I flew to Montreal fairly early in the day. We arrived […]

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San Francisco

The first week of February, I was in Paris. It was probably the least exciting trip to Paris I’ve had thus far, so I’m going to skip right over it and get to the next trip, which started about 3hrs after the Paris trip ended: San Francisco. My friend Michelle and I went to visit […]

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Winter in Paris

This year marks the third year in a row where I’ve been on a work trip the first week of January. Three years ago, I was in Portland, Oregon, then last year it was Mequon, Wisconsin. This year, it was Paris. I was not going into this trip looking forward to it. The workshop that […]

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52 Documentaries

Another year over, another 52 things done. This year I watched 52 documentaries. It was an interesting journey and honestly, one of the better ’52 things’ ideas I’ve had. I learned some things, most notably that I really enjoy true crime documentaries. I also learned that some documentaries are incredibly hard to get a hold […]

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As per usual, I was back in Paris for a work trip. The first day of the trip was my birthday, so I got a couple of desserts throughout the week with a candle in it to celebrate. On Tuesday, almost the entire team went out for dinner together to celebrate, which was nice of […]

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Cape Breton

Me, Emily, Justine, Nicole, and Nicola went on a road trip around Cape Breton Island. In a very tiny car named Kelly. Meet Kelly: She’s tiny, but shockingly fuel efficient. She did us well. We started in Halifax, with everyone slowly arriving in Halifax to leave on Friday morning for Cape Breton. Here’s a map […]

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Solo in Paris

This time, I was flying solo. Chloe wasn’t on this trip to Paris. I was worried that I would feel lonely and spending my evenings alone. I should have known better. There’s always at least a couple people from the Paris office who are down to get a drink and have dinner.  However, I was […]

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Emerald Lake

My friend Deanna moved to Field, BC earlier in the year to work at a lodge on Emerald Lake. She kept posting photos of the amazing views on Instagram and it convinced me to go visit her 😛 I flew into Calgary and she came and picked me up. Our first stop was just outside […]

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San Francisco, CA

It was decided at work that I would attend a UI workshop with a client in San Francisco mainly because I was physically closest. I didn’t object, but it was for a product I knew absolutely nothing about which created some challenges. I was coming along because the product managers organizing the visit were hoping […]

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Paris + Bucharest

For reasons I’m not really sure of, my manager asked me to book a trip for one week: three days in Paris and two in Bucharest. Something to do with vacations and ability to travel, etc. I didn’t question it.  And because of a long story that I’m not going to bother writing out, I […]

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